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Providing "Media With A Purpose" since 2005. 



An independent media company specializing in producing purposeful and engaging visual content by telling stories that promote personal growth and highlight the overall personal experience in an entertaining way.



GreeneHouse Media was founded in 2005 by Author Ryan C. Greene as Bakari Book Publishers. After researching how tough it was to get a book picked up by a mainstream publisher, and looking at the success of some of his friends who started their own publishing companies, Ryan was inspired to form his own company to publish his self-help books as well as books by other aspiring authors. His first book, Success Is In Your Hand: Unlocking The Successful Person You Were Designed To Be, garnered much success and assured him that he had made the right decision. In 2007, Bakari Books changed its name to GreeneHouse Media.



GreeneHouse Media's mission is to create a digital legacy that creates unforgettable impact in the world. A leader in the edu-tainment space, our goal is to provide audio and visual media that Since our inception, GreeneHouse Media has published books topping over 1,000 Bestsellers Lists. GreeneHouse has also produced several top-rated radio talk shows and podcasts, produced several video projects, including a fitness DVD for kids, FitLife Kids. GreeneHouse Media has since expanded into several media outlets to include film, television, and digital media.


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